YES co-chair Christine Schilke was thrilled to present the millennial perspective during a forum on livability in Connecticut presented by the UConn School of Engineering and the CT Dept. of Transportation. Christine presented an overview of the economic factors impacting millennials including large amounts of student debt, Connecticut's high housing costs (for both homeownership and rental) and the cost of transit.  She also offered insight into what this generation is seeking in their communities, including walkable neighborhoods (whether in an urban, suburban or rural setting), as well as smaller, denser and more affordable housing, and proximity to transit options and amenities.   


The event featured guest speaker Andrew Cotugno, Portland, Oregon's Senior Policy Advisor to the Metro Council and Chief Operating Officer, who talked about his city's 30 year journey to becoming a national leader in transportation and

Photo courtesy of Chris LaRosa, UConn School of Engineering

livable communities. CT DOT Commissioner James Redeker spoke about the state's Let's Go CT! initiative - a 30-year transportation plan and its ambitious 5-year ramp up schedule, while Alyssa Norwood from the Legislative Commission on Aging provided a complementary view of Connecticut's aging population, noting that today's seniors are healthier and more active than their predecessors, desiring to also to live in walkable, vibrant areas; building communities responsive to their needs results in places that are great to to grow up as well as grow older.


This event was taped by CT-N and is available for viewing online.